• Wheel excavator bearings.
    Wheel excavator bearings.

    Wheeled excavator bearings mainly include wheel-specific gear bearings, excavator large bearings, and hydraulic pump bearings.

  • Track excavator bearings.
    Track excavator bearings.

    Crawler excavator bearings mainly include large track transmission bearings, slewing gearbox bearings, hydraulic pump bearings, tapered roller bearings and needle roller bearings.

  • Bulldozer bearings.
    Bulldozer bearings.

    Bulldozer bearings mainly include single-row in-line cylindrical bearings, double-row tapered roller bearings, and track gearbox bearings.

  • Mining truck bearings
    Mining truck bearings

    Mining truck bearings mainly include tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, and hydraulic pump bearings.

  • Gearbox bearing
    Gearbox bearing

    Construction machinery gearboxes bearings. Modified gearbox bearings, special equipment bearings.

  • Customized bearings
    Customized bearings

    Manufacture customized angular contact bearings, tapered roller bearings, various sizes of 30MM-800MM for customers.

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