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  • What are the signs of a bad wheel bearing?
    • July 11. 2023

    What are the signs of a bad wheel bearing? The wheel bearing of a vehicle is a critical component that ensures the smooth operation of the wheels. When a wheel bearing has issues, it can cause instability and potentially create safety hazards while driving. This article will discuss some signs to help identify problems with wheel bearings, enabling readers to recognize the signs of a bad wheel bea...

  • Excavator travel gearbox bearing.
    • May 15. 2021

    Travel bearing: the main bearing of the excavator travel gearbox 1. Excavator travel bearings mainly include angular contact bearings and thin-walled tapered roller bearings. These two types of bearings have the advantages of being able to withstand high-strength radial and axial loads at the same time. They have a stable structure, low noise and low running wear rate. For example: #207-27-71330#K...

  • How to avoid hidden costs by using precision bearings
    • April 11. 2021

    TCO is a recognized method of calculation. In today's economic situation, TCO is more important than ever. This accounting method evaluates the overall value of a component or solution, weighing its initial purchase cost with overall operating and life cycle costs. Lower-value components may seem more attractive at first, but because they may require more frequent maintenance, they may give a fals...

  • Bearing code and meaning
    • March 24. 2021

    Each letter has one or more meanings, such as FAG bearings, 1. Pre-code The front code R is placed directly before the basic code of the bearing, and the rest of the front code is separated from the basic code with a small dot. GS—thrust cylindrical roller bearing race. Example: GS.81112 K-The combination of rolling element and cage. Example: The combination of thrust cylindrical roller and cage K...

  • Bearing installation and maintenance instructions
    • November 05. 2020

    1. When installing the bearing, the bearing oil seal should be cleaned and then coated with clean high-quality lubricating oil. 2. When installing the bearing, it should be evenly stressed and not directly hammered. If the interference fit is large, the bearing should be put into mineral oil and heated to 90℃~~110℃, and then installed immediately. 3. The warehouse where the bearings are stored sho...

  • Precautions for bearing disassembly
    • November 05. 2020

    1. When disassembling the bearing, please wear protective clothing and goggles; 2. When using a puller to disassemble the bearing, make sure to select a suitable puller with sufficient pulling force to reduce the risk of puller overload. Overloading of the puller may cause breakage of the mechanical arm or shaft, which may injure the operator; 3. When disassembling, use a protective cover to wrap ...

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