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Bearing 126-9340 1269340 for Caterpillar CS-74

Bearing 126-9340 1269340 for Caterpillar CS-74

126-9340 BEARING Caterpillar parts fit  CP-433C, CP-44,  CP-533E, CP-54B,   CP-56,   CP-573E ,  CP-64 ,  CP-663E,  CP-68B ,  CP-74B,CP-76,  CS-423E,  CS-431C, CS-433E,  CS-44,   CS-531C,   CS-531D, CS-533C, CS-533D,  CS-533E,   CS-54,   CS-54B,   CS-56,   CS-563C,   CS-563D,   CS-563E,   CS-56B, CS-573C,  CS-573D,   CS-583C, CS-583D, CS-583E, CS-64, CS-64B, CS-663E, CS-66B, CS-683E,   CS-68B, CS-74, CS-74B, CS-76B, CS-78B..

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CATERPILLAR Road roller bearing 126-9340

P/N XKAQ-00026 Material:
i/d mm
H mm
Brand: ZHZB
P0 , P6 , P5
Spherical roller bearing

Product features:
1. Special bearing for Road roller bearing
2. With high radial load capacity, it can also bear axial load in any direction.
3. High-strength high-quality steel
4. Long service life
5. Smooth rotation, low noise

Our advantage:
100% factory quality inspection
Respond to customer questions within one day;
Allow small orders;
Faster transportation efficiency
Good after-sales service.
Professional manufacturer of bearings for Road roller . Has many years of manufacturing experience

Production Process

Product Photos

126-9340Caterpillar 126-9340Bearing 126-9340

Any other parts for the Road roller system you need , pls search from below picture and form list then mark to me , we will quote to you.

Caterpillar parts

caterpillar bearing:

1H8261 1J8694 1L6716 1M0343 1M1604 1M3041 1M3100 1M4095 1M5513 1M5514 1M8776 1M8923 1M8924 1P0622 1P0623 1P9594 1T0944 2D6420 2D6421 2D8341 2H3517 2H3525 2H3526 2K5253 2K5254 2M0533 2M0534 2M1131 2M1148 2M1149 2M1156 2M1157 2M8307 2M8308 2M8868 2P2810 2P2811 3B3967 3B3969 3B8845 3B8921 3B8922 3F5750 3K3192 3K3193 3S1404 3S2331 3S9669 4B8108 4B8351 4H9018 4H9019 4S9325 4S9326 4S9780 4S9782 4S5783 5H1901 5K8591 5K8592 5L6923 5M7357 5M7705 5M7934 5M7936 5M9644 5P0089 5P0090 5P0566 5P0567 5P9176 5P9177 5S3292 5S7020 5S7021 5S7022 6B0132 6B0133 6V1013 5P9176 6K4717 6K4718 6V0370 6V1013 6V1014 7H7628 7H7629 7M1154 8B2570 8B257 18B4454 8B4455 8B5964 8B5965 1B391 81B392 41B3925 1B393 4 1B3937 1B3953 1B3980 1B4034 1B4043 1B6573 1B6578 1H4203 1H5338 1J2860 1J4757 1K7990 1K7991 1K7992 1L7319 1L7518 1M6573 1M7911 1M7912 1P2636 1P2662 1P2694 1P2695 1P2696 1P2697 1P3934 1P3935 1P4693 1P4694 1P7895 1P7896 1P9593 1T0589 2A4576 2A4577 2B9174 2B9175 2D6511 2D8493 2D8496 2D9454 2D9455 2D9457 2K5065 2K5066 2K5067 2K5069 2K5097 2K5102 2K5103 2K9295 2K9296 2N2138 2N2139 2P1370 2P8353 2P8986 2P8987 2S0479 2S0480 2S6400 2S6401 300060 300061 3F1396 3F3841 3F4210 3F7182 3K0649 3K0650 3P1210 4B3034 4B7255 4B7270 4B8393 4B9373 4B9374 4F2041 4H4615 4K1558 4M2552 4M6104 5D7453 5F1248 5K3931 5K3932 5K7045 5L2030 5L2031 5P0885 5P2503 5P2504 1B3867 1B4102 1B4116 1H7005 1L7205 1N8320 1S3743 1T0043 1T0059 1T0210 1T0425 1T0441 1T0543 1T0564 1T06102F5721 2H3712 2H3717 2L5271 3K0526 3L1425 4B3665 4L9825 4M5858 4S8538 4S8546 6B0926 6B1124 6H3957 8H9789 8M6415 8M6418 8M8068 8S3517 9M1997 9M2004 5P2523 5P2525 5P2526 5P3490 6B3223 6B4370 6B5158 6F2956 6H3566 6H3568 6K5616 6K5617 6K5623 6K8074 6K8275 6K8328 6K8329 6K8330 6V0855 6V1882 7B0357 7B0358 7B4956 7D8348 7D8349 7D8437 7D8636 7D8637 7H4566 7H4573 7K0393 7K0394 7L3283 7M3452 8B6343 8H0901 8H0902 8H0985 8J6322 8S2125 8S2127 8S9075 9M2457 9M2744 9S3851 9S3582 9S7949 9S7950 1M8842 1M8959 230406A 3K6396 4H7701 4K7467 5H3030 5K0985 5M7335 5M7366 5P3086 7S8576 9F3825 4D2619 6I8642 8H4320 1P4693 2S6401 5M7936 7J8893 1J4757 2K5069 4S9783 6V3916 9F3212 0020754 1P4695 3B8845 5P2503 7K8876 1437356 2D6511 3W8570 6B5163 8H0901 1M7912 2K5830 1688453 2D9191 4B7255 6D1138 8H0902 1057535 1P9594 3L1425 5P5167 7Y0912 5L6326 7E4892 1067798 1S3743 3N6408 5P9301 7Y1100 1H4493 2H6489 4M5858 6K5746 8S3517 1P4147 2S0479 1067799 1T0210 3N8463 5P9400 7Y4269 1H5338 2H9192 4M6107 6P0593 8S9151 5F2830 6Y3955 1081760 1T0334 3P0895 5P9514 7Y4270 1J2860 2J2152 4N0432 6S2828 8S9152 1P0623 2N3254

1097687 1T0589 3P2582 5P9531 8B5965 0547091 1P4696 3D0224 5P2526 7K8877 6V4350 9M1997

1B6577 2H3517 4K7467 6I9808 8M8068 0941850 1P5419 3D9125 5P3489 7M1154 2M1149 5D6657

1B4043 2D9457 4F2393 6I9103 8H9789 1014897 1P9593 3K0526 5P4992 7S4534 5L5772 7D8437

1100013 2A4576 3S1404 5P9532 8B5972 0964002 1P7835 3H1996 5P3490 7S3002 1P3935 2P9858

1195727 2A4577 3S4646 5P9538 8D2256 1K7991 2K5103 4S9325 6V1781 8T1177 9S4829 1M8776

1283935 2D6421 3S8055 5T6820 8F3170 1M4095 2K5254 4S9326 6V2202 9C3848 5F8651 6Y6832

1P4694 3B3967 5M9644 7K2135 1P2695 2P1374 5J6424 6Y9885 9W1546 9M2744 1P2694 2P1370

1P2696 2P2811 5K8591 7D7259 9W4162 1B3937 2D9453 8T0209 4S8538 6V0538 7D8348 9W4163

1M8923 2N2138 5D6659 6V4582 9M2042 1P2697 2P8987 5L2031


ZHZB Mission:We are committed to providing bearing component solutions for all construction machinery and equipment!!!

ZHZB was established in 2004 and has been committed to the development and production of engineering machinery bearings. Our products are widely used in mining equipment, road machinery, metallurgy, wind power generation, excavators and other heavy equipment and have been well received by customers!



1.We will send express delivery for less than 45 kg, which is more convenient door-to-door.
2.45-200 kg we will choose air transportation, the safest, fastest, and the most expensive
3.For more than 200 kg, we will send it by sea to reduce transportation costs.

Why choose us? 

  ✬1.Trusted Product

  ✬2.Advanced Technology

  ✬3.Reliable Service  

  ✬4.Competitive price


Q1: I want to buy your products, how can I pay?
A: You can contact me through Whatsapp to send bank account to you.

Q2: If we don't find what we want on your website, what should we do?
A: You can email or Whatsapp us the descriptions and pictures of the products you need, we will check whether we have them. We develop new items every month. and some of them have not been uploaded to website in time. Or you can send us sample by express, we will develop this item for bulk purchasing.

Q3: Can we buy 1 pc of each item for quality testing?
A: Yes, we are glad to send lpc for quality testing if we have the item you need in stock

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Guangzhou hongjue bearing machinery equipment co., ltd.
Phone: 18620194007  Kitty
Whatsapp : 18620194007   Kitty
Email: sales1_ZHZB@163.com

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